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Trent Rez


Trent Rez



Initial release

June 9, 2010

Time Trial Record


"Rezway" is the first custom track I made. It was first released via SZS Modifier, with mixed criticism. It replaces the SZS file for Mario Circuit. Before Rezway happened, it was originally supposed to be a space-based track called "Space City", a city in space to where you race in the streets. The idea was abandoned and then came Rezway, a track that basically was made from scratch. The course map was made from scratch, and Jughead870, edited it to be more of a half-kart, half-bike track.

Description Edit

If you take the two words, "Rez" and "Raceway" and combine them, you get "Rezway". Eco-friendly with trees, sunflowers, and walls made from recycled brown paper bags, the track is freshly new, because of its smoothly paved road.[1]

Contribution Edit

Everything was done by me, otherwise, noted.

Jughead870: original map editing, and corner smoothing [2]


Release Dates Edit

Time Trial RecordsEdit

  1. 1:53.295 by [OF]inviso [3]
  2. 1:54.923 by ☆sn1989
  3. 1:55.988 by BoD☆Xtreme

Known GlitchesEdit

People started to call Rezway "Glitchway" because of its many glitches it has to offer. [4] These glitches includes the 'invisible wall' down on the longest stretch of the track, causing you to fall out of bounds in the pond. Unfortunately, I cannot fix these glitches, because the glitches are within the track file I replaced for Mario Circuit.


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