Rez Resort

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Series launch

June 6, 2011

Running time per episode


Rez Resort is a summer series, created by me, where Trent Rez, now Texas Rez, goes to a resort to spend his summer in Wii Sports Resort. The series will run from June to August 2011. The series will substitute for Mario Kart Wii: Online Series temporarily. It's basically an 'in-the-meantime-series' while I attempt to get WiFi access again.

Episode GuideEdit

Episode # Upload Date Sport Played Type Notes
1 June 6, 2011 Air Sports Skydiving Texas Rez skydives off into Wuhu Island, where he will spend his summer vacation.
2 June 17, 2011 Swordplay Speed Slice
3 August 7, 2011 Table Tennis Match
4 August 13, 2011 Bowling Standard Game

Texas Rez
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