Rez Reloaded: Season 1

No. of episodes


Length (hh:mm:ss)


Season premier

January 1, 2012

Season finale

January 31, 2012(?)

The first season of my Rez Reloaded series only lasted through one month, which is January 2012. Due to the fact that Worms matches are lengthy, each season will only have five episodes.

Friend(s) Who Debuted

  • Note that LegendsInOurFreeTime(*) are a group of gamers that will have multiple friends participating in this series.
YouTube Name In-game Name Episode #
MichaeleL3 Dr. Cris Angel 1
athleticallan321 LuigiAtion 1
MegamanSonicX MSX 2
Jughead870 Jughead87 2
LegendsInOurFreeTime* Torus 2
Camewel 3
Mr328junior Icyy 3
Yoshiller2 Yoshiller 4

Episode Guide

  • "(SD)" means that the match went into Sudden Death.
Episode # Recorded Date Match Type Players Player's Team Name Results
1 January 1, 2012 Crazy Crates (SD)
Texas Rez The Lone Star Team 1st
Dr. Cris Angel The Angels 2nd
LuigiAtion Ation Assassins Surrendered
2 January 7, 2012
MSX Funky 'Fros 1st
Jughead87 Clockworks 2nd
Texas Rez The Lone Star Team 3rd
Torus Too Much Time to Be Legends 4th
3 January 11, 2012 Rope Racing
Texas Rez The Farewell Kings 1st
Camewel Cammy Logic 2nd
Dr. Cris Angel The Angels 3rd
Icyy Cold and Ruthless 4th
4 January 15, 2012 High Tide (SD)
MSX Cipher 1st
Texas Rez The Lone Star Team 2nd
Yoshiller Pokemon Trainer Yoshi 3rd
5 January 31, 2012(?) Crazy Crates

Season Standings

Place Player Name Results
1st Texas Rez 2 wins, 1 second place finish, 1 third place finish
2nd MSX 2 wins
3rd Jughead87 1 second place finish
4th Dr. Cris Angel 1 second place finish, 1 last place finish
5th Torus 1 last place finish
6th LuigiAtion 1 surrender

Rez Reloaded
Seasons 1 (2012)