Red Sector A
Red Sector A as it appears in the SZS Modifier.


Trent Rez





Beta release

August 24, 2010

Red Sector A is the second track I started work on, after Rezway's initial release. It is named after Canadian band Rush's 1984 song "Red Sector A", from their album Grace Under Pressure.

Description Edit

The track is a bit more difficult than Rezway, because it has no walls, and there are separate paths that the driver has to choose from immediately.

The track is basically surrounded by four walls that are colored red, black, and white. There is no walls, or floors, above or below the track. The bottom the the track is a colorful hemisphere, that makes you look like as if you're dropping into the infinite. I used the album cover of Grace Under Pressure as part of the hemisphere.

Contribution Edit

Everything was done by me, otherwise, noted.

ALPHAMARIOX: Track tester, and visual test documenter

Release Dates Edit

Blackout Road and Red Sector A were scheduled for completion for the 2010 Track Pack, but was immediately called off when all track files were accidentally deleted, when my computer was experiencing difficulties.

  • Beta: August 24, 2010

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