Gettin' Real with Rez: Season 1

No. of episodes

Total length

Season premier

July 27, 2012

Season finale

September 7, 2012


The only season of Trent Rez's Gettin' Real with Rez series launched on July 27, 2012 with the first episode "The Can", which also served as the series pilot. The third episode, "Gettin' Real with Jack", features a new addition, Jack Skell, to the main cast. The fourth episode, "The Rez Tea", is the shortest episode in the series to date, clocking in at approximately 55 seconds. Production for a fifth episode was in the works. However, in mid-September, Rez was forced to cancel the series due to interference with school. Days later, he closed his personal YouTube channel, CustomSongCharter. It is because of this that the series has ended, only lasting through four episodes.

List of Characters in This Season

Note: This list includes minor and major characters.

Character Name Voice Actor (Mii) Actor (Real Life) Debut Episode #
Texas Rez Anthony Rez N/A 1
Random Hero Brendan Rez N/A 1
Anthony Rez N/A as himself 2
Brendan Rez N/A as himself 1
Rez Petty Brendan Rez N/A 2
Jack Skell as himself N/A 3

Episode Guide

Episode # Release Date Episode Name Episode Description
1 July 27, 2012 "The Can" (Pilot) Rez and Random Hero comes across a soda can, and cannot open it, due to their small hands.
2 August 10, 2012 "Dynamite" Random Hero discovers dynamite, and TR wants to blow it up.
3 August 24, 2012 "Gettin' Real with Jack" Jack Skell tries to convince TR to move in with him and Random Hero.
4 September 7, 2012 "The Rez Tea" Random Hero and TR argues about a situation Random Hero is sensitive about.

Gettin' Real with Rez
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