Gettin' Real with Rez

No. of episodes

Series launch

July 27, 2012

Series finale

September 7, 2012

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Digital Rez Productions

Gettin' Real with Rez is the short-lived third main series created by Trent Rez, and is the first to be produced by his video production company Digital Rez Productions.



After the cancellation of his most popular, and longest running series Mario Kart Wii: Online from earlier in 2012, Rez wanted to create a more real-life based series, revolving around Rez. This led to the creation of the series, titled Gettin' Real with Rez. The first episode was uploaded on July 27, 2012. The third episode, "Gettin' Real with Jack" (Uploaded on August 24, 2012), saw a new cast member, Jack Skell. He voices as himself. The fourth episode, "The Rez Tea" (Uploaded on September 7, 2012), is the shortest episode in the series to date, clocking in at approximately 55 seconds. Production for a fifth episode was in the works. However, in mid-September, Rez was forced to cancel the series due to interference with school. Days later, he closed his personal YouTube channel, CustomSongCharter. It is because of this that the series has ended, only lasting through four episodes.

Series Staff

The series staff are the people who contribute to the series, hence it being a staff.

This includes:

  • Anthony (Creator, director, producer, editor, writer, voice actor/actor)
  • Brendan (Co-director, co-producer, voice actor/actor)


There are two main characters in the series, which both being Trent Rez and Random Hero, both voiced by their real-life creators (Anthony and Brendan). Due to the fact that the series does not follow a certain story line, there are no specific antagonists nor protagonists.

The following characters are featured throughout the series:

  • Trent Rez (goes by Texas Rez; voiced by Anthony Rez)
  • Random Hero (voiced by Brendan Rez)
  • Jack Skell (voices as himself; appears in certain episodes)
  • Anthony Rez (appears as himself)
  • Brendan Rez (appears as himself)


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