Blackout Road
ALPHAMARIOX testing Blackout Road.


Trent Rez





Beta release

August 1, 2010

Blackout Road is the third track I started work on, but released a beta version, before Red Sector A. It's name basically comes from the appearance of the track textures.

Description Edit

It's not called "Blackout Road" for nothing. The textures of the track basically makes the track very difficult to race on, making you race blindly in the darkness. There are, however, ways to make driving more possible.

Contribution Edit

Everything was done by me, otherwise, noted.

ALPHAMARIOX: Track tester, and visual test documenter

Release Dates Edit

Blackout Road and Red Sector A were scheduled for completion for the 2010 Track Pack, but was immediately called off when all track files were accidentally deleted, when my computer was experiencing difficulties.

  • Beta: August 1, 2010

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