The first volume of my Pokémon Fan Fiction Story started in March 2011, and is where the main character, Thomas Hill, starts his very first journey. Due to the 2011 Japan natural disaster, I took time off of writing. After chapter 5's release (March 20, 2011), there will be an almost one-month drought on chapter releases until May 1, 2011.


Thomas Hill, a high school sophomore, ventures out on his very first journey to train Pokemon, but was then interrupted by his long-time rival, Richard Grace. It was the first time they've met for about a year. Richard was abandoned by his father, Eric Grace, when Richard was just eight months young. Richard tried to ask Thomas many times in previous years to become allies with him so that the two would take down Eric together, but Thomas refused all times asked. Displeased with his repetitive answer, Richard tries to attack Thomas' Torchic with an overpowered Blastoise, but was prevented by Perry Hill's, Thomas' eldest brother, Empoleon. Deoxys then appears, as it takes Richard and teleports else where with him. Afterwards, Perry gives Thomas a newly bred Piplup, then visits their first stop, Violet City.

On their way to Violet City, Thomas encounters a new friend, DJ. So far, their friendship is more like of a friendly rivalry, prior to when they first met in a bind. As they ventured along, Thomas and DJ soon start to get along better, uniting them closer as they arrive in Violet City under the least favorable conditions.

Chapter ListEdit

Chapter # Chapter Name Decription Release Date (Eng.)
1 Chapter Zero (Prologue) A prologue of the story, breaking down the foundation of Thomas Hill's journey. March 2, 2011
2 Rival's Early Warning As Thomas starts his journey, he is interrupted by his rival, Richard, who had plans to ruin Thomas' journey. March 5, 2011
3 Bu-fooled As Thomas and Perry ventures towards Violet City, Thomas encounters a wild Budew, or so he thought it was a wild... March 12, 2011
4 The Damned River After Thomas and DJ's incident, DJ tries to make it up to Thomas, claiming that there is a shortcut to Violet City... by river. March 16, 2011
5 The Voice of Alliance Thomas is still unconscious, but a voice speaks to him from within his spirit. March 20, 2011
6 The Case of the Missing Piplup?! Thomas' Piplup goes missing from the river incident, and now he has discovered that he filed a missing Pokemon report to the wrong group of people. May 7, 2011
7 Artificial Team Just as Thomas and friends are chasing down the PS&RT... June 4, 2011
8 2011
9 2011
10 2011