My Pokémon Fan Fictional Story is the first (and unfinished) Pokemon Fan Fiction story that Rez started to write in February 2011. It is published at,, and Pokemon Fan

Story Plot

The story starts with the main character, named Thomas Hill, who was sent to the local Pokémon Training School by his mother, Lavoun Hill, to get his Pokémon Training Liscense (or PTL). It is a requirement for all future trainers in the Harris Region.



Full Name First Appearance Notes
Thomas Hill Volume 1, Chapter 1
Perry Hill Volume 1, Chapter 2 Thomas' eldest brother.


Full Name First Appearance Notes
Richard Grace Volume 1, Chapter 1 Thomas' long-time rival. Richard was abandoned by his father at early age, and asks Thomas to help him defeat him, but Thomas refuses all times he was asked. Richard's main targets are now his father, Eric Grace, and Thomas Hill.

Minor Characters

Full Name First Appearance Notes
Lavoun Hill Volume 1, Chapter 1 Thomas Hill's mother.
D.J. Volume 1, Chapter 3 A Pokemon trainer who then replaces Pokemon Gym leader, and sister, Myria of Lotus City.



City/Town Name Gym Leader Notes
Echo Town Rosemarie Judith Samuel-Burgental III (aka 'Rose')
花街 Flower Town; A small town a bit south of Violet City.
La Villa Strangiato Where Thomas' father resides in. Village name taken from Rush's 1978 instrumental, "La Villa Strangiato".
Lotus Town Myria (Replaced by D.J..)
Middletown Manhattan A metropolis city where the second gym badge lies at.
Oxford Town
Prospekt City Thomas Hill's home city.
Violet City Jade Where Thomas Hill receives his first gym badge.


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