Song-by-Song ReviewsEdit

  1. "Next to You" - A punk-rock song that has the momentum to start off a promising album. Good stuff, as far as first impressions go! 9/10
  2. "So Lonely" - A fusion of reggae fusion and punk rock (fuse-ception?). Coming from a fast-paced song, "Next to You", "So Lonely" only seems to be the reasonable track to follow it, as the chorus is fast-paced as well, with catchy guitar work from Andy. A favorite of mine from the album, as Sting expresses his loneliness in this classic. Also, random harmonica for the win. 9/10
  3. "Roxanne" - A song about a prostitute named, simply, Roxanne. Pretty decent song. 8/10
  4. "Hole in My Life" - A more laid back track on the album. As far as I'm concerned, it's a good song, but get's a bit too repetitive near the end. 7/10
  5. "Peanuts" - A great drum intro from Stewart. Now we're back to the more punk sound the album had started off with. Now this, I'm digging! Don't you just love it when Sting yells "PEANUTS" near the end? 9/10
  6. "Can't Stand Losing You" - Great song and lyric structure by the band. This is one of my favorites on the album, for sure! 8/10
  7. "Truth Hits Everybody" - Another decent punk track to the record. It just seems too simple for me, however. 7/10
  8. "Born in the 50's" - A song that takes you through what the 50's babies experienced throughout their time in life, as they were the worldwide trending topics. Another simple song that is, yet, still enjoyable. 7/10
  9. "Be My Girl - Sally" - A song about an inflatable sex doll. In the beginning and in the end of the song has the repetitive lines "Won't you be my girl, etc." sung, along to the punk song. In between those two are a spoken section about the doll named Sally. A bit disturbing, but very creative and ambitious of the trio. 9/10
  10. "Masoko Tanga" - A very jammy and repetitive song. This is one of my favs from the album, as it's VERY catchy. 8/10

Overall ScoreEdit

Overall, Outlandos d'Amour is a fantastic debut to a band that has many more hits to come, although their discography only consists of five albums, as this being the first of the five. If it's anything you should know about these guys, it's that they sure as hell know how to fuse punk and reggae into a new wave sound.

Raw/Overall score: 81/100 (4.5 stars)

Album SummaryEdit

Favorite TracksEdit

  • "Next to You", "So Lonely", "Peanuts", "Be My Girl - Sally", "Masoko Tanga"

Tracks to AvoidEdit

  • "Hole in My Life", "Born in the 50's"

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