Song-by-Song ReviewsEdit

  1. "Finding My Way" - A song that starts off strong with a heavy Led Zeppelin feeling to it. Not bad at all! I find this song highly enjoyable. 8/10
  2. "Need Some Love" - A fast-paced song that barely slows down in the chorus. Pretty ambitious, if you ask me. 8/10
  3. "Take a Friend" - This one of the very small amount of songs I know that actually fades IN. Despite the fact that what's in between the beginning and end of the song is great, I don't like how it starts nor how it ends. 6/10
  4. "Here Again" - A more laid-back and bluesy song. You can definitely hear the Led Zeppelin influence in this song. Pretty decent. 7/10
  5. "What You're Doing" - This is where the momentum picks back up on the album. This is one of my favorites on this album, as I love how the solo fits in the song just great! 8/10
  6. "In the Mood" - First of all, I gotta say that the cowbell is awesome in the beginning of this song! One of the many reasons that makes this song favorable. 8/10
  7. "Before and After" - Start off slow, and unexpectedly picks up. Just as I settled into the slow mood, I get punched in the face... At least it was made up for in this song, sort of... This song is actually a bit obnoxious. 5/10
  8. "Working Man" - This is the song that makes up for every unfavorable song on the album. Great solos and instrumentation. Obviously a favorite. At least they went out with a bang! 9/10

Overall ScoreEdit

As this is the debut album of a band that is just starting, I have to say, this isn't bad, but yet, not great either. It's just a decent enough album to get the trio starting off on their career, as this sounds like a Canadian Led Zeppelin.

Raw Score: 59/80

Overall score: 74/100

Album SummaryEdit

Favorite TracksEdit

  • "Need Some Love", "What You're Doing", "Working Man"

Tracks to AvoidEdit

  • "Before and After"

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